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IPMBA Program:
International Professional MBA (IPMBA ™) degree is designed only for the executives, officers, managers working in different small, medium and large organizations located worldwide. S/he may work in the sales department, marketing department, accounting and finance department, Management Information Systems (MIS), management, human resource management, tourism and hotel or hospitality management, production department and so on. No problem, our customized, standard and quality modern education system allows you chance to a get your desired MBA degree in enrolled major. The major courses are 1) Sales , 2) Marketing, 3) Finance or Accounting , 4) Management , 5) Human Resource Management , 6) Tourism and Hospitality Management or Hotel Management , 7) Information Technology (IT) etc.

Goal of IPMBA: The prime goal of IPMBA™ program and Master of Business Administration is to provide top quality online education, active learning practical approach and core integrated skills on international management and business practices by the business leaders. IPBAI ™ empowering professionals and executives globally to make their own career as well as business organizations to achieve their business success.

Potential career for IPMBA ™ graduates: International Professional MBA (Master of Business Administration) graduates may obtain higher positions in the business organizations in today’s world. As for example, positions may includes – Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager (GM), CEO (Chief Executive Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and so on. Majority of such professionals for the said positions have the opportunities to get higher salary after IPMBA certification. If you’re currently getting salary USD$ 60,000 yearly then after graduation you may have potential chance to get USD$ 75,000 to $85,000 yearly.
Apart from the above salary benefits, the IPMBA ™ degree will give you social status, self recognition and own business development scope as a future business leader. Moreover, MBA has a global recognition.

How to apply: If you have undergraduate certificate from any discipline or 15 years of continuous study in academic line then you are eligible to enroll in the IPMBA ™ program. For admission you may contact to our admission counselor/consultant. Payment process is very simple and easy. Through online or bank transfer you may clear your form fee/application fees/tuition fees/transcripts and certificates fees.
If you have any query for admission please send your E-mail to: admission.ipbai@gmail.com , we will reply you back as early as possible.
IPMBA_application_form ( <– Click on IPMBA Admission Form link and fill up according to given instructions and submit it to us, any query please don’t hesitate to ask !).



Medium of Education: English language (U.S English or U.K English).

Method of Education: E-Learning/Distance Learning/Online Learning.

Course Duration: 1 (One Year), 8 (Eight) months, Shorter 4- 6 (Four to Six Months). Whole MBA program is divided in to 3 semesters in a year. You may finish it within shortest possible 4 to 6 months (It is for the exceptional, outstanding and qualified students only). If you pass whole the semesters through our online examination within a semester then we have special provision for you to obtain your certificate earlier (Condition apply).

What is the IPMBA exam System?

Our IPMBA ™ Master of Business Administration Degree Program is based on multiple choice question (MCQ) type online test examination where you may take part from any of your internet enabled PC (personal computer) or smart phone from any country of the world. The test of IPMBA contains merely 29 core questions and we will assign you 60 minutes time to complete your test exam. Please note that this is a single session to answer questions. Moreover, the exam is not limited to MCQ based exam only, we have included case studies, assignment that is means practical action learning approach and before receiving the original certificate you must submit all of your scripts to IPBAI™ for evaluation. You can re-do your exam in the same day in case you’re unsuccessful with your exam due to online interruption. In order to pass your IPMBA™ Master of Business Administration Degree examination and obtain your IPMBA ™ certification from IPBAI ™ you need to appropriately answer at least 50% of your MCQ test questions. Examination success rate is 99%.

What is the total Tuition Cost?

The examination test cost for IPMBA™ Degree in total US $ 550. We don’t have any other hidden costs or re-do exam fees involved. For the exceptional or financially needy students we have provision for tuition fees waiver and that is up to 50%. But for the scholarship eligibility or tuition fees waiver you have to apply to the IPMBA Program coordinator/ Director of the IPBAI™.

Waiver Policy: Course waiver or exemption available for the commerce or business studies certified students. In this regard you have to apply expressing your interest for course waiver before MBA admission, addressing to the Principal or Director of IPMBA program, International Professional Business Administration Institute.

Requirement for study: Internet connection, web browser, Ability to E-mail correspondence with Institute.

Examination Method: Online , open book examination, practical or job oriented case study, action learning, assignment, thesis/dissertation/major report evaluation by assigned teacher.
Certificate Award: Through E-mail, Downloadable via our website using your user ID and PW, Shipping directly to your address using International courier service or parcel service.
Certificate Validation: Certificate is valid for life time, your employer or the concerned authority may check and verify with your certificate number in to our website and directly using their e-mail.

Tuition Fee Payment Policy: Tuition fees payable in to maximum 3 (Three) installments. But those who are eligible of course waiver they won’t enjoy three installment facilities.

Scholarship benefits: For the international students, the scholarship benefits will be allowed but this must be approved by the Principal and Director of the Institute.

Special Membership Recognition and Facility: Our IPMBA ™ certificate holder will be with us as an Associate member or Fellow member. They will be entitled to use the status AIPMBA or FIPMBA after their individual name. These statuses will be issued from school of business departments’ authority through the written permission as such to use these statuses. Without written permission nobody legally void the use of such status from our IPMBA ™ institute.

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    • IPMBA Curriculum: IPMBA program – There are three semesters in a academic year. [A] First Semester (Spring Semester – January to April). [B] Second Semester (Summer Semester – May to August). [C] Third Semester (Fall Semester – September to December). First Semester (Spring Semester – January to April) 1. Principles of Management, 2. Principles of Marketing, 3. Fundamental of Financial Management, 4. Micro Economics , Second Semester (Summer Semester – May to August): 1. Organizational Behavior, 2. Business Mathematics & Business Statistics, 3. Macro Economics or Managerial Economics, 4. Consumer Behavior, Third Semester (Fall Semester – September to December): 1. Quantitative Techniques, 2. Strategic Management, 3. Quality Management , 4. Operations Management, Optional subjects: ( You may replace any of the followings with the above courses): 1. Human Resource Management, 2. Management and Organizations, 3. Economic Environment of Business, 4. Marketing Management, 5. Change Management, 6. Business Research Methodology, 7. Project Management, 8. Technology & Innovation, Major Subjects: There are 15 (fifteen) more major options for you: Choose the right one for you. 1. Accounting /Financial Accounting, 2. Accounting & Finance, 3. Finance /Fundamental of Financial Management, 4. Sales Management, 5. Marketing Management, 6. Management Information System (MIS), 7. Tourism and Hospitality management, Hotel Management , Hotel Management and operations by Endowed Chair Emeritus, Washington State University, John Wiley 7 Sons, INC. 8. Management , 9. Human Resource Management (HRM), 10. Management Consultancy/Business Consultancy, 11. Recruitment/ Business Strategy/ Leadership Skills, 12. Business Strategy: Leadership Skills, 13. Insurance & Risk Management, 14. Banking/ Islamic Banking, 15. Real Estate Management , 16. Fashion Merchandising, 17. Real Estate Property Management/Property Management, Each course = 3 Credits, 3 Credits x ( 3 x 4=12 Credits ), 12 x 3 semesters = 36 Credits , Total 36 Credits + major 4 Credits = 40 Credits.